A mechanical watch movement

Watch Repairs & Servicing

Watch Repairs

We can repair many kinds of watches − including chronographs, mechanical and kinetic watches − and offer dial restoration, bracelet repairs and new glasses and parts.
We can fit batteries to most quartz watches and we can reseal water-resistant watches on the premises. We also have a wide selection of watch straps and bracelets in store.

We offer a watch repair service and can repair many brands of watches. Please contact us for details. Our friendly staff can give you a free verbal estimate, but we also offer full, chargeable estimates that involve stripping the watch, assessing it and reassembling it.

Watch Servicing

It is generally recommended that watches are serviced every three to five years. A full service involves stripping the watch down, checking all parts, cleaning all parts, replacing any worn/faulty parts, re-assembly, lubricating, regulating and testing. This carries a one year guarantee on workmanship and any parts supplied.